Stylish pens, pencils and colored pencils

Pars Medad company was established in 1981 with a capacity of 1.5 million pencils (more than 200,000,000 pieces) per year using the most modern machines and the most advanced technology. In 1987, this company managed to receive the first standard pencil production license in Iran and has proudly maintained this mark. The products of this company are under the supervision of experienced experts in all stages of production and especially during the final control, and this means that the general consumers of our products can be sure that they are buying a product that meets the standards of the world. Over the past 36 years, this company has expanded the variety of its products and added the production of technical engineering pencils and ball pens to its products, as well as products such as correction pen, matte glue, whiteboard and permanent marker, and highlighters under Stylish brand. The products of Pars Medad company are offered under the brand names of Pars Medad, Stylish, Tortoise and Kasra.

The structure of ball pens
مداد چوبی

Ball pen body

It forms the external form of any ball pens

مداد چوبی


The quality of the ink is one of the main factors of the ball pens

مداد چوبی


Adjustable ink output when contacting the paper

مداد چوبی


It is part of its beauty and prevents the ball pen ink from drying out.

مداد چوبی


A ball pen is a modern writing tool. It is used to record content, events, opinions, etc.

مداد چوبی

Consumer expectations

For example Accountant: Cleanliness is important in accounting offices, so it should be smooth and clean.

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Stylish Pens

Stylish is one of the most high-quality brands of stationery in Iran, and in this section we introduce Stylish pens.

Stylish pens are produced and supplied in four main colors (blue, red, black, green) with a tip thickness of 0.7 and 1 mm.

Stylish pencil And color pencils

Black and red pencils are two types of pencils that are produced and supplied in 12 cardboard boxes with the Stylish brand.

Also, stylish Color pencil are produced in 12, 24 and 36 colors in cardboard and metal boxes (prominent).

No toxic materials or heavy metals are used in the top and core color of this pencil, it is soft and easy to shave and they are manufactured in accordance with the standards.

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