Pars Medad is the first standard pencil in Iran

We all use a variety of writing tools on a daily basis, and pens and pencils are the most used writing tools. Pars brand is one of the brands of Pars Medad company, which produces various quality products such as black and red pencils, colored pencils and pens.

مداد رنگی پارس
Characteristics and features of the standard pencil
چوب استاندارد

Standard wood

Standard pencil wood must be cooked in a series of steps at a very high temperature, this causes the elimination of wood fungi and microbes.

نکات بهداشتی مداد

Health tip

Many children have a habit of putting pencils in their mouths, and if they use non-standard pencils, there is a possibility of contracting mysterious diseases.


Other features

When you look at the cross-section of a standard pencil, the lead should be completely in the middle (with a fluctuation of ± 0.5 mm).

مداد پارس مداد

Color and brain

There should not be any toxic, dangerous or carcinogenic substances in the making of pencil inks.

مداد چوبی

The first point

The lead of the pencil must be completely attached to the wood, that is, the wood and the lead must be attached when sharpening.

انتخاب مداد خوب

The second point

When you sharpen a standard pencil, the chips must be completely attached and uniform.

Iranian pens with the quality of Pars

Pars pens have 4 colors: blue, black, red and green. The body of this pen is high quality and soft plastic. The tip of this pen is 1 mm and it is designed in such a way that the amount of ink output is adjusted by direct contact with the paper. The fluidity of this pen makes it easy for you to work with it and makes your screen clean.

خودکار پارس x1
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